Friday, May 24, 2013

Braxton Graduates from Discovery Time Preschool

 Discovery Time Preschool class of 2013

Wow this means I am getting OLD!!! My adorable, handsome, amazing, smart, talented Grandson Braxton Blake Mecham graduated from preschool tonight! He was an amazing singer, performer, and speaker. I can't believe he will start Kindergarten in the Fall. I remember the day this sweet little boy came into our lives. He is so special and we love him so much. He loved all the treats afterwards and the scrapbooks his teacher made of the year. CONGRATS BRAXTON!!!! Now be prepared for the best singing job you have ever heard cuz this boy has a voice. Monotone is marvelous, right?


Proud Parents Blake and Brittany

Teacher Kaley...she is his Aunt Kaley too

Cooper and Braxton

Kinlee and Braxton

Mindi, Braxton, and Sally

Mom and Braxton
Me and my sweet boy. Love him!

Dayton and Hayden


Grandma Sue

Grandpa Ned

Monday, May 20, 2013

My favorite time of the year. Little league with all my fovorite little guys!

I absolutely love Baseball season. When my children were little we spent several nights of the week at the ballpark and I am so happy to be able to go watch my sweet grandsons play. They make me smile and laugh. I love watching them try to hit the ball, run all around the field usually not to the bases and of course running to homeplate to score. Gary and I are in a very good spot in our lives and we definately enjoy our grandchildren. Here are a couple photos of the first games of the season. Braxton is playing Coach Pitch. Hayden, Dayton, and Kroix are playing T-ball. Brittany and Kaley are coaching the t-ball team so it's a family affair every week.

Braxton, look at that form

Harper trying to get in on the action. I think she needs a smaller helmet


Dayton liking the cheers from the family

Dayton hitting a home run

Kroix heard all of us cheering so he turned around and started clapping too


Sunday, May 19, 2013

So I have to admit this was the very best Mother's Day ever!!! This big guy was able to Skype and talk to the whole family. I do have the best children in the world, the best Grandchildren, and the best family. I am so glad that there are great members of the church that share their home with my son. They feed him, love him, and support him. As a mother it is so hard to let them grow up and be out on their own. I can definately see the growth and love he has for the Spanish people in the Aneheim California mission. I love you Elder Dallen Gary Brooks of course in my eyes he is the best missionary ever!

Jordyn and Cody are off to the Philippines

So Im a little behind with my posts. I've had this in drafts for several weeks. Jordyn and Cody made it to the Philippines. They are all settled into their new home and starting a fun new chapter of their lives. They are adjusting to the heat and the busy schedule Cody has with Focus. Payson was so  thirilled to see Jordyn and ran right to her. Since they have arrived Cody has been Payson's favorite person and Cody is so cute with him. I'm sure glad they are all there together and are able to have a lot of fun together. Here are a few pictures of our dinner before they left and of course all the hugs and good-byes at the airport. I sure hope that my other girls never decide to leave the country because I am pretty sure I couldn't do this again. Jordyn and Cody laid all their stuff out that they needed to pack. My entire basement was covered with all the stuff they were trying to take with them. Seriously didn't think they would get it all in their suitcases. They had to buy a few extra suitcases at the last minute and pay a lot of extra cash to send extra suitcases but it all worked out and they were off.
This is my basement. Yes, they did take everything but the kitchen sink!!!

How are they going to manage to get all of these from one place to another when it took 8 of us to get them in the airport. GOOD LUCK!!!
Saying Good-bye or see you later is never easy! We have a very close family and we definately like to keep each other close and take care of each other. Hopefully these two will be back soon because they will definately be missed by all. We love you Jordyn and Cody and we will miss you!!!!!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jordyn and Cody are getting ready to head to the Philippines to join Kacey and Landon. It is a bitter sweet moment again with our family. We are very excited for their new adventure but we will miss them so much. We decided to go to Tempanyaki for dinner. We had the best chef in the building. He was halarious and such a great entertainment. We had a really fun night. We did miss Landon, Kacey, Dallen, and Aubrey. I look forward  to the day when I have all my children back home together. Kacey is very excited to have Jordyn kget there. She is tired of living in a hotel and is ready for some more family around. Both of them will be moving into their houses hopefully by the end of the month.

Grandpa Marlin enjoying the show

Kaley, Cody, and Jordyn

Gary and Carol

This guy was so good

Brittany, Blake, Sue, and Marlin
The end of our dinner was the great shrimp catching. Lots of fun!!!

The other day I had all the Grandchildren at my house while Kaley was at the baby doctor checking on #8 and Brittany was not feeling well. This is one crazzzzzzzy group of kids. Love them all!!! Brealynn and Harper are just so cute I could squish them. The boys, well as you can see they are as fun as they come. Seriously these little sweethearts are the biggest joy in my life. We are definately missing our other buddy Payson

Harper and Braelynn, cutest little girls ever!

The shirtless Grandma's boys. You will never catch a shirt on these boys on a nice day. Good thing they were inside today because it was quite chilly outside. What a bunch of goofs!
I'm pretty certain we are missing him more than he is missing us. Do you blame him? He is living the life. He is having a blast! The highlight of his day is the Hotel staff, they treat him like royalty. On Sunday they move into their new home and life will begin in the Philippines. Love him.